Keto Diet Tip: Things To Avoid To Ensure Weight Loss

The ketogenic diet promises to promote weight loss by significantly reducing your carb intake and fats in the body. However, some people said the approach failed to help them achieve their desired weight despite months of a restricted diet.

⁣⁣📣 Poor Fat Intake – Fat plays an important role on the positive effects of keto diet. This approach uses fat to promote weight loss. ⠀
Getting the right amounts of fats should give you enough energy and support your hormone function and metabolism. Healthy fat source include animal fats, olive oil and monounsaturated fats, The Times of India reported. ⠀

⁣📣 High Consumption Of Dairy – Dairy products are low-carb and high-fat foods, which means they are good options for keto followers. However, avoid too much consumption of these products since they could give more sugar and ruin your diet plan. ⠀

⁣📣 Lack Of Water – Water can help manage appetite. It can make you feel fuller even after eating a small portion. Lack of water in the body could slow down metabolism, which may affect how fats are burned while on a keto diet. ⠀

⁣📣 Sleep Problems – Aside from what you put in your stomach, the keto diet’s effects also rely on what you do to your body. Lack of sleep at night affects the production of ketone in the body and makes you crave for sugary food or drinks. ⠀

📣 Unhealthy Snacking – Keto diet is known for its satisfying effect, which means you should eat less after a meal. A sign that your diet plan is not working is when you eat too many snacks during the day, which could lead to excess calories in your body. ⠀

📸 Credits: ⁣@medicaldaily

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